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WSET® Level 3 Award in Wines and Spirits Examination Revision Course

This Revision Course provides comprehensive coverage of the examination skills for the WSET® Level 3 Award examinations and assists candidates to revise the key facts and important contents of the WSET® Level 3 course.

This course is suitable for candidates who are attending or re-sitting the Unit One – Theory Paper and/or Unit Two – Blind Tasting under the existing WSET® Level 3 syllabus.

The coverage of this 9-hour course includes:

Class 1 (3 hours)
Tasting Exam Preparation:
1. Detail explanation of existing WSET® Level 3 Systematic Approach to Tasting and key skills of achieving good results
2. Spot the key differences of past syllabus in tasting examination
3. Tasting of 2 red and 2 white wines
4. In-depth revision on viticulture and winemaking theories through tasting
5. Questions handling skills

Class 2 (3 hours)
Theory Paper – Part 2 Short Questions Revision:
1. Explanation of syllabus and the difference of focus between Group I and Group II
2. Question 1 (4 marks): Short cut on social responsibilities; key question types
3. Question 2 (24 marks): Revision on Viticulture and Vinification; key question types
4. Question 3 (24 marks): Revision on Wine Services; key question types
5. Question 4 (24 marks): Revision on Wines of the World; key question types
6. Question 5 (24 marks): Revision on Sparkling and fortified wines; key question types
7. Key techniques of tackling the exam questions and time management

Class 3 (3 hours)
Theory Paper – Part 1 Multiple Choices Revision:
1. Explanation on distributions of questions under current syllabus
2. Summary of grape varieties, key characters, wine styles and regions
3. Revision on old world wine regions
4. Revision on new world wine regions
5. Revision on sparkling wines and fortified wines
6. Revision on spirits
6. Key skills of tackling the exam questions and time management
Course will be delivered in Cantonese supplemented by English. (For other languages, please call for further)

Course Dates : 4/1/2017 (Wed), 9/1 (Mon), 11/1 (Wed) 19:00 - 22:00

Mock examination: 15/1 (Sun) 10:00-1245

Eamination Date: 21/1/2017 (Sat) 10:00-1245


Lecturer : Chris Lai

Course Fee :
$3000 for Hong Kong Wine Academy students

$3500 for non Hong Kong Wine Academy students (resits only)

* Inclusive of a mock examination and Examination Fee for Unit One – Theory Paper only

* Fee does not include Tasting paper resit fee of $500

* Fee does not include textbook, extra $1000 per copy of the textbook