Benny Lee – Lecturer, Sake Educator, WSET Educator

Benny Lee

Mr.Lee is an official lecturer of both Sake Service Institute (SSI) and SSI International of Japan, WSET Award in Sake Educator, the first batch of Certified Japanese Sake Sommeliers of Sake Sommelier Association (SSA), and also the SSA Franchise Coordinator of Asia. He has been teaching sake courses for hotels and organisations, including the Institute for Tourism Studies of Macau. He is the Japanese sake judge of International Wine Challenge since 2015. In his teenage, Mr Lee was fascinated by the country Japan and has self taught the language. He proceeded further with major in Japanese Studies in university. Mr.Lee has also lived and studied in Japan which enabled him to appreciate the daily life in Japan and the uniqueness of their history and culture. Through learning of Japanese Sake, Mr. Lee will guide you to a deeper understanding of the country and their people. During his journey of learning sake, he also developed the love towards wine. He achieved good results in WSET Level 3 Award in Wines and Spirits, and succeeded in becoming a WSET Educator. He will continue to share his passion about wine and sake in his classes.

李醒良先生是日本酒侍酒研究會(SSI)的酒學講師、SSI International認定講師、WSET 日本清酒課程認可導師、香港首批日本品酒師協會(SSA)日本清酒品酒師、SSA特許權亞洲區協調專員。他曾於多間酒店及組織任教,包括澳門旅遊學院。而自 2015 年起他亦獲邀擔任英國倫敦 International Wine Challenge 清酒部門評審。 李先生在十多歲時,對日本這國家產生了濃厚興趣,並自學日語,方便解讀來自日本的第一手資料以逐步了解其文化。李先生大學主修讀日本研究,並曾留學日本,除學好了日語,也把在課堂學習到和親身感受到的,如時而內斂時而激進的民族性格、積極學習外地文化使之成為富有日本特質的產品等特質,應用在日常生活中。日本人熱愛喝清酒,由莊嚴的宗教儀式到悠閒的日常消遣,也能找到日本酒蹤影。大家可以從學習清酒的過程中,對這國家有更深認識。 在李先生學習清酒期間,同時也發展了對葡萄酒的熱愛,並在WSET Level 3取得好成績,繼而成為了WSET導師。他會在他的課堂中,和各位一直分享他對葡萄酒和日本清酒的熱愛。