Micky Chan – DipWSET, 酒サムライ,CS, CSW, きき酒師 (SSI) JSS Overseas Support Desk (Asia) & Ch. Mercian Brand Consultant

Micky Chan

Mr. Micky Chan is deeply involved in Wine and Sake circles, as educator, writer, international judge and consultant. He is the co-founder of Hong Kong Wine Academy, “Umai” magazine; moreover, his own social platform on Facebook and Blog – www.mickychan.com, focused on F & B sector. As a wine and Japanese sake educator, he has been delivering courses and trainings in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Mainland China. Also, Micky is actively participating into various international competitions as judge, including International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC), International Wine Challenge (IWC), Berlin Wine Trophy & Asia Wine Trophy, etc., and judging through few thousand bottles of wines and Sakes a year. In year 2017, we achieved his another important milestone. In Japanese Sake, he is appointed as “Overseas Support desk (Asia)” of Japan Sake & Shochu Makers’ Association, which to link up Asia Sake market and Japanese sake industry. Moreover, the “Sake Samurai”, which is the 2nd Chinese to achieve this title, as to recognized his contributions and achievements in Sake. As a wine person, he is also appointed as “Brand Consultant” of most famous Japanese winery – Chateau Mercian, which to provide marketing advice and update information on brand building. In qualifications, Micky is holding his “WSET® Diploma in Wines and Spirits”, “Certified WSET® Educator”, “Certified Specialist of Wine” (CSW) and “Certified Sommelier” (CMS) certificate. Regarding Japanese Sake, he holds “Certified Sake Sommelier” (SSA), “kikisake-shi” (SSI) and WSET® L3 Award in Sake certificates, too! He is also the 1st person in Hong Kong to hold all three qualifications, together with their course educator qualifications.

陳銘基先生是一位同時活躍於葡萄酒及日本清酒領域的人士。他是資深導師、飲食編輯、酒業顧問及國際評判。他也是香港葡萄酒教學中心的創辦人之一;日本飲食專題雜誌 -- 《Umai 嚐.日》副社長及總編輯;還打理個人多媒體社交平台及部落格 – www.mickychan.com。 陳銘基先生擁有多年的葡萄酒及清酒教學經驗,不停穿梭中、港、台、澳四地作教學及培訓。 同時,他亦獲邀參與多項大型國際性葡萄酒及清酒比賽,擔任評審工作。其中包括:「國際葡萄酒及烈酒比賽」(IWSC)、「國際葡萄酒挑戰賽」(IWC)、「柏林葡萄酒大賞」、「國泰航空香港國際葡萄酒及烈酒比賽 (CXHKIWSC)及「亞洲葡萄酒大賞」等。 2017年,陳先生分別在葡萄酒及日本清酒領域上成就了另一個里程碑。他先是獲委任成為「日本酒造組合中央會 – 海外支援辦公室負責人」,負責亞洲清酒市場與日本清酒業界事務。及後,獲日本清酒釀造協會 – 青年議會委以「酒武士」名銜;成為世界第二位華人奪得此名銜,以承認他對清酒界別作出的成就與貢獻。葡萄酒方面,陳先生亦同時獲委任成為日本著名葡萄酒 – Chateau Mercian的「品牌顧問」,提供市場資訊及建議,建立品牌形象。 資歷方面,陳銘基先生持有英國WSET®葡萄酒及烈酒文憑及其認可講師資格。此外亦持有美國SWE「認證葡萄酒專家」及世界侍酒師公會「認證品酒師」資格;亦是英國SSA「認証清酒品酒師」、日本SSI「清酒唎酒師」及英國WSET®「三級清酒認證」持有人。 他亦是首位香港人同時擁有三項清酒認證及其課程教學資格的人士。